Education is the bedrock of the industrial growth of any nation. It is the basic and fundamental tool needed for the transportation of any nation. The process of obtaining standard education is in phases or stages, with the next phase dependant on the previous phase.

During the process of acquiring education, student are expected to be kept in a well acceptable arena or place known as hostel; they are expected to be given the best accommodation which will enhance proper learning and a perfect output in terms of result. For one to be able to make his / her hostel booking and payment from one phase to another some requirement have to be met. This requirement usually takes collection of hostel application form after payment has been made. Once the payment is made using student’s name and registration number in the bank a pin number is given to the student followed by some other procedures.    

This process is expected to take place from time to time – a process which is stressful and cumbersome. Hence, the need for a system which assists the staff in this process cannot be overemphasized, as it will go a long way in helping the staff to carry out their work effectively. The system will also help student as well.


In Nigeria today and other countries across the world, Hostel allocation has become sophisticated than it used to be years ago. The institution hostel however has been developed to solve the problem of accommodation for student in Heritage Polytechnic.

Hundreds of student travels from their schools to other schools during any reputable sport competition and visitation and for schooling purpose. They always become anxious of where to lodge or sleep within the period. Hence, the quest for solving this problem of accommodation.

Hostel allocation system has been done manually such that one may wonder how to cope with recent development and increase in student’s population. Hence, there is need for hostel allocation to change from manual system, which is time consuming and labour intensive to computerized method, not just computerized but online system.

Therefore, this research is aimed at finding system approach to computerize the hostel allocation system such that students in Heritage Polytechnic can fill their hostel accommodation forms online, and check their allocation result online so that it can be processed at a high speed and in accurate method.



The grounding number of student in Heritage Polytechnic has posed a lot of accommodation problem on the part of student and school management.

Currently, records are manually handled by hostel staff of the Polytechnic and the problem associated with this include:

  1. The use of numerous registers for hostel allocation can be very cumbersome, hence tracing records becomes tedious.
  2. Difficulty in maintaining or updating the records, hence retrieval of a certain data set from a bunch of registers is almost impossible.
  3. Lack of data security.
  4. Loss or damage of any of the register leads to damage of lots of important files at a time.
  5. Lots of human errors are encountered where records are hand-written and manually managed.



The objectives of this study is to develop an application what will ease the stress associated with the existing manually system.

  1. To improve the management of student hostel in Heritage Polytechnic.
  2. To create a Database Management System which allocate storage to student data and also provides security for the stored data.
  3. To provide quick and efficient means for gathering searching and easy retrieval of student information along with their rooms, fees, etc.
  4. To design and develop a central database system that would serve as hostel database, which will contain information on all the available rooms in the hostel.
  5. To design a computer-driven hostel allocation system for allocating hostel rooms to students.
  6. To easily generate report like hostel occupancy and financial report to the school management



The significance of the study is to bring to focus the need and importance of this computerized base hostel accommodation form and allocation system and the study also highlight the basic roles played by computerized hostel system which includes:

  1. Effective method of getting allocation result on time.
  2. Effective method of balloting and allocations
  3. Effective method of completing or filling of hostel forms online.
  4. Effective method of getting student information.
  5. Sum up of the total amount realized from hostel fee each session.
  6. Enable management to plan on improving hostel living condition.
  7. Have first-hand information on the statistics of student in the hostel.



The extend to be covered in this research work is to design and implement an internet based hostel accommodation forms and allocation system in Heritage Polytechnic, Ikot Udota, Eket. Where student can send or fill their accommodation forms, from any computer system that is connected to the internet and the information will be sent to the school database and the allocation will be done on real time basis.



Some of the constraints encountered during this project include the following:

  1. High Programming Technique: The programming aspect of this project posed a lot of bugs that took me some days to debug.
  2. The time for this project work was short as other academic activities posed some interruptions.
  3. Financial constraints was also a major aspect in the course of this project work.
  4. The literature sources also posed some constraints, and also limited access to administrative information.



This research work has many terminologies which are mostly in the web database development. Some of the terms will be confusing to notice and some uses of information system as such many of these terms are defined here for clarity.

HOSTEL: An essentially a form of accommodation that offers reasonably priced, shared accommodation to student in either private dormitory rooms.

DATA: These are new fact and figure sent into the computer for processing

ALLOCATION SYSTEM: This is a set methodology of assigning hostel rooms to students.

IMPLEMENTATION: This is the process of adopting a system

SYSTEM: The collection interrelated component, which interact regular to perform a task.

RELATIONS: This is the linking trends that exist between two or more subject.

INFORMATION: Processed data or result

PROCESS: This is the job done by the computer on the input to produce output.

DATABASE: A collection of persistent data that can be shared and interrupted.

DBMS: A collection of compounds that support data acquisition dissemination, maintenance, retrieval and formation.

RECORDS: A collection of related fields.

WEB BROWSER: The tool (program) that allow you to surface the web. It is used to locate web pages (eg) Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

CLIENT: A program that submit request to sever.