Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm. Stimulation may involve hands, fingers, sex toys such as vibrators.

Masturbation plays a big role in a normal individual sex life. Some of us discover it as children because it starts to feel so good between our legs others are shown by our friends circle. It keeps us going when the relationship is falter, such as when a partner is far away. Mastrubation is a great equalizer in a relationship where one partner needs more sexual activity than the other one.


What is masturbation?

Mastrubation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousals or other sexual pleasure.


Psychological effect of Masturbation

When you masturbate, your brain releases dopamine and endorphins.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that enables you to feel presuràble emotions and endorphins are chemicals released during stress and physical activity that allow you to recover and feel at ease.

Over time, this frequent release of brain chemicals can become addictive because endorphins and dopamine can help you cope with street.

Thus frequent Mastrubation can become an unhealthy coping mechanism that causes you to.

Addicted to Mastrubation

If you Mastrubation several times a day, your brain can become addicted to release of powerful, pleasure inducing chemicals. Moreover it can be become more difficult for your brain to release those chemicals without increasing stimulation.

According to Dr.Hernando Chavez says he believe Mastrubation is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, he also acknowledge that biologically chronic Mastrubation can affect our brain and body chemistry because it can over produce sex hormones.


Effect of Masturbation in the body




Pain in the shoulder and side

Pain in the back and legs


Loss of appetite leading to weight loss

Fluid retention



Loss of memory and sight

Loss of concentration and focus

Abrasions or swelling of the pains

Difficulty in performing real sexual intercourse because of weak eractionn

Premature ejaculation

Semen leakage

Reduced orgasm

Loss of sex drive towards the opposite sex

Not only your body will be affected your mind will be also affected too.


The side effects of such coming changes of body includes,

  • Fatigue: feeling tired all the time
  • Low back pain
  • Soft or weak erection
  • Early ejaculation or premature ejaculation
  • Eye floaters or fuzzy vision.
  • Groin or pain in testis
  • Clampor pain  in the pelvic cavity or in the tail bone and many more

Over Mastrubation can cause serious threat to sexual and over all health.

Mastrubation has been a way of satisfying sexual desires for both females and males since a long time, it is estimated that 94% of males and 64% of females practice Mastrubation to an extent it treated itself harmless and even good for the health but when the frequency of Mastrubation goes beyond the tolerance limit of body organ than its effects are dangerous if left untreated.

The biggest effect of over Mastrubation is mental rather than physical effect, as person in habit of it gradually shifts away from normal intercourse and finds masturbation more satisfactory and pleasurable than normal sexual act.

People inhabit of it always seek few moments of the loneliness to masturbate even slightest aroused and they may feel the urge to discharge soon. This kind of situation can promote problems in the person’s body like low libidoir can say loss of sexual desire, and lack of orgasm. Other problems are:


Weakness in nervous system

Malfunctioning of liver

Sperm leakage

Early ejaculation

Sexual exhaustion impotence

Low sperm count etc.


Females associated with this may face:

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal dryness

Recurrent infections on regular basis due to over masturbation and also face problems like early sexual exhaustion liver dysfunction and loss of libido.

Masturbation is a part of our life, in fact, most doctors recommend it not only to improve your sexual experience but to also promote good health.

However, like most things in life, too much of good things can lead to psychological problems like:




Memory loss


How to get rid from the addictive behavior:

The first step to getting better is to reduce masturbation and ejaculation frequency and try to overcome bad habit. Eat more soybeans product and elimate excessive caffeine from your diets, eat more sea frods, green vegetables, and try to minimize red meat and dairy product intake. Instead of taking soda, try drinking pure orange juice and plenty of water see also a sex therapist.



Audience: men and women in urban and rural communities. This program is meant for the adults and not the children, the adult needs to know the psychological effect of masturbation, child cannot understand this one and can noe even pay attention to such program until they have come of the age.