Unemployment: This is defined as a situation where someone of working age is not able to get a job but would like to be in full time employment. Unemployment is a condition where a person is actively looking for work but cannot find it.

While definition of unemployment is clear economist divide unemployment into many different categories and the broad categories of unemployment are voluntary and involuntary.

  • Voluntary: This means that a person has left his job willingly in search of other employment.
  • Involuntary: This means that a person has been fired or laid off and must now look for another job.

Both voluntary and involuntary is broken into three types

  • Frictional unemployment: These are typical recent graduate looking for their first jobs out of school. Frictional unemployment also refers to people in between jobs.
  • Seasonal unemployment: This refers to work that is not available year-round. In other words, people can only work during a certain season, construction worker are an example of seasonal workers, they are often unemployment in the winter months.
  • Structural unemployment: This is the kind of unemployment caused by technological advancement, for example, the rise of the automobile led to people in the horse and carriage industries losing their jobs.
  • Cyclical unemployment: This type occurs during a recession, a drop in the demand for certain production and service result. In workers being laid off until demand increase again. This kind of unemployment can be predicted by the rising and falling of the business cycle.





  • High and Rapid Population Growth: This is one of the factor responsible for the high level of unemployment in Nigeria because there has been an increase in the growth of the labour force along with the inadequate supply of jobs; this has increases the population in cities thereby raising the level of joblessness.
  • Unstable and Corrupt Political Environment: Another key problem is poor leadership and high level of corruption in Nigeria. The failure of the government to perform their constitutional as resulted in the high level of unemployment, also the high level of corruption in Nigeria among politicians has resulted in the mismanagement of the funds and resource supposed to be used for the creation of job opportunities for the people.
  • Lack of Quality Education: Most employers believe that Nigerian graduate are unemployable this is as the result of educational program which usually include theories and lack of practical use of knowledge.
  • Recession: A lot of people has been laid off while new jobs were not created. Most companies laid off employees because they can’t afford a lot workers.


  1. Reduction in the national output of goods and services
  2. Increased rural-urban migration
  3. High level of poverty in Nigeria
  4. Increase in the number of independent people.
  5. The high rate of crime


  1. Productive work of the government: To overcome the crisis of unemployment in Nigeria, the government must be effective in performing their duties.
  2. Industrial friendly environment: The government is to consider each sector of the economy and to provide the necessary infrastructure and industrial friendly environment. Improvement of energy supply and transport system will cut the high cost of production, so there will be need to cut jobs.
  3. Reinforcement of educational system: Educational system needs to be reformed in order to produce skilled graduates innovators, and entrepreneurs practice and research should be priority, not just the theoretical learning.
  4. And also the government needs to create school good amenities infrastructures and job opportunities in rural areas, this will cut the level of migration to cities, thus reducing high population and unemployment in the Nigeria.

In Conclusion

Nigeria also have to play their part in reducing the level of unemployment in the country we need to change our attitude to the future of the country during the election period. We need to understand our responsibility, we should vote for people with credibility answer and readiness to work, this will determine the condition of life in the country. Our future is in our hands.


  1. Element, Qualities, Principles of EB

Education must be function: This means it must contribute to the development of country, state or community. It must be cooperative and active, it must add value to community.

Why I choose this Element/Qualities is because unemployment as a concept affect the community, state, and our country Nigeria, this topic add value to the country so the way forward will contribute to the development and success of the country.

  1. Stages of Education Broadcasting:
  • Education as a key to a better feature: This talk about the importance role of formal education as a means of increasing and advance social status. Trying to educate people especially on this topic I am actually trying to correct the mistakes make by our leaders; government in order to butter the life of the youth in our society today.
  1. Categories/Audience:

Adult in search of further education adult are those people who are physically and physchological matured and who are politically, economically, socially responsible.

Why I choose adult as my audience is because they are matured enough to know the implication of unemployment and it effect to the country, so I think they would want to listen to known the solution in order to better their future and to be useful citizen.

5        Strategies Use: Radio study group

6        Categories of learners

          Normal learners

          This kind of people are not gifted not slow the are just overlap into both gifted and slow.

          Why I choose them is because they are manipulated gifted learner, the need someone to puch them to do a particular thing, the need an education broadcaster like me to pressurize them for e.g unemployment among Nigerian youth the need someone to tell them what to do about it, and that’s why am here to educate them about the way forward.

  1. Teaching Method

          Lecture Method

          This method as to do with presentation of fact why I choose this method is because seen there is no employment for adult, the usually engage themselves with one thing or the other, so they would not really want to spend much time listening to radio, so the little time and attention they have the need fact so I go straight to the point, that’s why I choose lecture method.